Have you been battling acne for years? or even you’ve recently begun breaking out because of the mask and lockdown stress? Handling acne is often frustrating.

We all experience acne at one point or another, typically in our teen and young adult years, and for many folks , these acne issues get away . But a number of us are left with acne problems that last for much longer than we might like, leaving us with anywhere from mild to severe acne conditions which will bother us for years.

At Farnham Beauty & Aesthetics, we recommend the IPL photofacial treatment for patients who need help with their acne. This laser-based treatment is best at targeting the causes of acne under the skin while keeping the highest layer of the skin completely safe.

Treating acne requires consistency and patience! Seeking professional guidance when treating even mild acne is a crucial step within the journey to clear skin. Early intervention can get breakouts in check during a short time-frame , quickly dissolve acne marks, and reduce the risk of developing permanent acne scars.

In this article, we discuss exactly how IPL photofacial works and the way acne is often treated with it.

What is Acne?
Acne is a condition that happens when skin pores are clogged with oil and dead skin cells. it always appears on the face within the sort of pimples, cysts, blackheads or whiteheads.

Common Causes of Acne
The factors liable for the acne are listed below:
• Stress
• Pollution
• Hormones
• Over-washing and under-washing
• Low quality skin products
• Unhealthy diet

If you’ve got acne and you’re trying to find the simplest solution to overcome it, then IPL photofacial is the solution you would like. More and more beauty experts are recommending IPL photofacials for patients with severe acne or acne scarring, also as other conditions like sun spots and age spots (through targeting blood vessels), and fine lines.

With just a couple of sessions, IPL treatments can clear up even the foremost extreme cases of facial acne and/or acne scarring. With alternatives like oral antibiotics which will be harmful to some patients, IPL therapy may be a safe and straightforward option for acne removal.

The exact treatment needed will depend upon the severity of the patient’s acne condition. The standard skin treatment course should be about 4-6 sessions, each session a couple of weeks apart. Sessions can last anywhere from 15-20 minutes or up to an hour; this relies on what proportion of skin must be treated.

Treatment begins with a gel being applied to the targeted area. This may help keep the highest layer of the skin safe from the warmth without preventing the IPL flashes from penetrating the skin. Afterwards, the IPL device is pressed to the treated area and a flash of sunshine is emitted into the skin. The expert should then move the tip along the skin, emitting a flash at every different point. The treatment ends with the skin being cleaned and therefore the patient given a post-treatment product to assist with the healing process.

At Farnham Beauty & Aesthetics, acne is one among the foremost common skin care problems that first-time patients seek to treat. We’ve treated countless patients with acne problems, from mild to severe cases, and we recommend IPL photofacial acne treatment for patients trying to find a simple yet effective solution.

With IPL photofacial treatments, your acne, sun spots, and other skin conditions are often significantly reduced in only a matter of weeks. Contact us or book your appointment through our website to find out more about IPL treatment and professional skin care.