Laser Hair Removal

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At SHAPINS Clinic, we’re proud to bring you the revolutionary Laser Hair Removal, a powerhouse trio of cutting-edge technologies designed to unlock your skin’s full potential. Let’s delve into what makes it a game-changer in the world of aesthetics.

What is it?

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary technique offered at SHAPINS Clinic, designed to effectively reduce unwanted hair without causing irritation, pigmentation changes, or scarring. Our revolutionary approach utilises advanced technology to unlock your skin’s full potential, providing a convenient and long-lasting solution to hair removal.


How does it work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting unwanted hair follicles with medical-grade lasers. The key lies in its ability to target and eliminate a significant amount of hair without any discomfort. The laser works by directing light to the melanin in the hair, transmitting heat into the follicle. This process destroys the hair at the root without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser employs a combination of three wavelengths – ND: Yag, Pulse & Alexandrite, enhancing its efficiency.

For optimal results, a course of treatments is recommended. This ensures that each follicle is   eventually targeted, leading to improved hair removal with each session. Results typically start to become noticeable around 6 weeks after starting treatment, as the hairs naturally expel.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Precision: Targets hair follicles with medical-grade lasers, ensuring precise and effective hair removal.
  • Long-lasting: Provides a lasting solution for silky-smooth skin, reducing the need for frequent hair removal methods.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Stimulates collagen production, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes for a youthful and glowing complexion.
  • Minimal Discomfort: The laser minimises discomfort, making the hair removal process more tolerable compared to traditional methods.
  • Time-saving: Offers a convenient alternative to time-consuming hair removal routines, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of smoother skin with fewer sessions.

Embark on your journey to timeless beauty by experiencing the transformative power of laser hair removal at SHAPINS clinic.

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Laser Treatments – Face

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Upper Lip 20 mins £60 £480
Chin 20 mins £80 £640
Between Brows 15 mins £60 £480
Nose 15 mins £60 £480
Ear 30 mins £80 £640
Upper chicks 20 mins £80 £640
Side Locks 30 mins £80 £640
Jawline and Cheeks 30 mins £150 £1200
Upperlip/Lowerlip 20mins £60 £480
Uppercheek 30 mins £80 £640
Face 45 mins £200 £1600
Beard shaping 45 mins £150 £1200
Scalp 45 mins £150 £1200
Front or back of the neck 45 mins £130 £1040

Patch test will be required prior to the main treatment.

* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Arms

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Fingers (hand) 20 mins £80 £640
Underarms 30 mins £95 £760
Half Arms 30 Mins £150 £1200
Full arm 60 mins £200 £1600


* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Legs

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Half Upper Leg (thigh) 45 mins £180 £1440
Half lower leg 35 mins £150 £1200
Feet and toes 45 Mins £100 £800
Full Leg 60 mins £275 £2200
Knees 30 mins £80 £640

* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Body

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Shoulders 45 mins £150 £1200
Nipples 20 mins £80 £640
Full Back and Shoulders 60 mins £300 £2400
Chest & abdomen 60 MINS £220 £1760
Navel 15 mins £80 £640
Chest 30 mins £150 £1200
Full back 45 mins £200 £1600
Abdomen 35 mins £150 £1200

* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Body Packages

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Full Body (4-6 areas) Not including Face 3 hrs £750 £6000
Full Body 4-6 areas + Including Face 2 areas 4 hrs £900 £7200

* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Skin Rejuvenation

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Rejuvenation treatment (Face) 45 Mins £140 £1120
Benign pigmentation removal 20 Mins £50 £400
Laser Rejuvenation Face 45 Mins £140 £1120
Laser Rejuvenation Face & Neck 60 Mins £190 £1520
Laser Rejuvenation Decollete 30 Mins £90 £720
Laser Rejuvenation Face, Neck & Decollete 75 Mins £200 £1600
Laser Rejuvenation Hands 40 Mins £120 £960
Laser Rejuvenation A4 Size Area 60 Mins £180 £1440

* Recommended

Laser Treatments – Bikini

TREATMENT Duration Single Session 8 sessions*
Hollywood 45 mins £195 £1560
Brazillian 45 mins £195 £1560
Buttocks with P/A 45 mins £180 £1440
Buttocks without P/A 40mins £120 £960
Pubic Area 30 mins £80 £640
Peri Anal 20 mins £75 £600
Labia Majora 20 mins £75 £600
Bikini 20 mins £100 £800
Extended Bikini 40 mins £150 £1200

* Recommended


Can pregnant women have a laser hair removal treatment?

No, it is not safe. however, after you have given birth, as soon as you stop breastfeeding you can get laser hair removal.


Yes, laser hair removal can safely target facial hair, including the upper lip, chin, and jawline, providing smooth and hair-free results.


Post-treatment, moisturise the area and avoid direct sunlight. Our experts will provide specific guidelines to ensure optimal healing and results.


Laser hair removal offers longer-lasting results compared to methods like shaving or waxing. It targets hair follicles, reducing regrowth over time.


Back to work


Risk and complications

Mild redness and tenderness

Sensitivity period

1-2 days


Not required

Procedure Time

15 to 90 min

Duration of results

Long lasting

Recommended number of treatments

6 to 8 sessions

Full recovery