Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a treatment which is used for improving the skin texture, tone and helps in fat loss. It contains liposuction tummy tuck to maintain weight. Cellulite is made up of a collection of fat cells which cause the skin pucker and look lumpy. Diet and exercise are not enough to control or reduce the appearance of cellulite. These unwanted cellulite are generally caused on some major parts such as: Buttocks, Abs, Hips, Thighs, Knees, Arms, Face & Neck.


The major causes of cellulite are multifactorial but mainly include one or more of the following conditions:

• Poor Vascular Function
• Poor Lymphatic Drainage
• Stiff Connective Tissue
• Trapped Fat
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Poor Muscle Tone
• Lifestyle Issues

Cellulite can’t be eliminated by dieting and exercise alone. Diet and exercise affect deep fat but fail to succeed in the superficial tissue of the skin. Weight and fat could also be reduced but cellulite remains even for people who exercise regularly and follow low-fat, nutritious diets can have cellulite.

Body contouring is a series of treatments which uses laser technology to increase collagen production and reduce the cellulite. Body contouring reduces the unwanted cellulite with 4 to 8 sessions. Farnham Beauty & Aesthetics provides the cellulite treatment which uses laser technology to extend collagen and reduce the looks of cellulite.

Laser therapy also tightens the loose skin. This technology gives you the best results within 2 to 3 weeks. But you should attend at least 4 to 6 sessions of Body contouring. It improves your skin texture, shape and this treatment is generally free of pain and are considered non-invasive and there is no downtime and minor side effects. In this treatment downtime is very minimal. Mild, short term redness, swelling can be experienced.

Farnham Beauty & Aesthetics non-invasive body contouring treatments often come with shorter recovery time. The treatment of body contouring allows you to securely achieve a more shapely, toned body in multiple sessions. These fat dissolving and skin-tightening procedures which are minimally invasive are far more appealing when weighed against other options (such as liposuction) and therefore the treatment sessions are relatively shorter in comparison to traditional surgeries. Many people choose this over surgical procedures as they need minimal downtime and cause little to no discomfort.

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