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At SHAPINS Clinic, we bring you cutting-edge Tattoo Removal technology, a versatile solution for various skin concerns. Let’s delve into the treatments available and the science behind this revolutionary approach.

Tailored Skin Transformations- Explore Our Range of Tattoo Removal Treatments

  • Tattoo Removal: Bid farewell to unwanted tattoos with precision and minimal discomfort. 3D Nanosure offers effective tattoo removal, breaking down ink particles for clear, tattoo-free skin.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Restore your skin’s youthful glow with our skin rejuvenation treatment. This innovative technology stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines, and wrinkles, and improving overall skin texture.
  • Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal: Say goodbye to bothersome benign pigmented lesions. 3D Nanosure targets and removes these lesions, leaving your skin flawless and blemish-free.
  • Carbon Facial: Experience the Carbon Facial treatment, known for its deep-cleansing and skin rejuvenation benefits. It’s a quick, non-invasive procedure that leaves your skin looking and feeling refreshed.

    The Science Behind 3D Nanosure: How It Works

    3D Nanosure employs advanced laser technology, harnessing the power of laser pulses to target specific skin concerns. The laser energy penetrates the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production, breaking down pigmentation, and effectively removing tattoos.

    Its precision and versatility make it a top choice for various cosmetic procedures.

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      Tattoo Removal Treatments

      TREATMENT Duration Single Session 6 sessions*
      Small Tattoo (3 x 3 inches) 15 Mins £100 £600
      Medium Tattoo (4 x 4 inches) 30 mins £140 £840
      Large Tattoo (5 x 5 inches) 45 mins £160 £960
      Larger Tatto A5 Size 60 Mins £200 £1200
      Larger Tattoo A4 Size 90 mins £349 £2094
      Eye brow tatto removal 30 mins £90 £540
      Very minor (1-3cm x 1-3cm) 15 Mins £50 £300
      Small (4 – 6 cm) 30 mins £70 £420
      Medium (4-8cm x 4-8cm) 40 Mins £90 £540
      Intermediate (9-15cm x 9-15cm) 50 Mins £160 £960
      Major/Large (16-20cm x 16-20cm) 60 Mins £190 £1140

      * Recommended

      Nanosure – Laser Toning

      TREATMENT Duration Single Session 6 sessions*
      Carbon Facial-Face 45 Mins £140 £840
      Laser Rejuvenation Face 45 Mins £140 £840
      Laser Rejuvenation Face & Neck 60 Mins £190 £1140
      Laser Rejuvenation Decollete 30 Mins £90 £540
      Laser Rejuvenation Face, Neck & Decollete 75 Mins £200 £1200
      Laser Rejuvenation Hands 40 Mins £120 £720
      Laser Rejuvenation A4 Size Area 60 Mins £180 £1080

      * Recommended


      Is laser tattoo removal safe?

      Yes, laser tattoo removal is generally considered safe when performed by trained professionals. Our clinic uses FDA-approved lasers and follows strict safety protocols to ensure your well-being.

      Are there any side effects or risks associated with tattoo removal?

      Side effects are generally minimal and may include temporary redness, swelling, or blistering. Serious complications are rare, especially when the procedure is performed by experienced practitioners. We discuss potential risks during the consultation.

      Does tattoo removal hurt?

      While there might be some discomfort during the procedure, it’s often described as a sensation similar to snapping a rubber band against the skin. We offer various methods, including numbing creams, to minimize discomfort and ensure a comfortable experience

      How many sessions are typically needed for complete tattoo removal?

      The number of sessions varies based on factors like tattoo size, color, and ink depth. Most tattoos require multiple sessions, usually spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart, for optimal results.

      Is tattoo removal suitable for all skin types?

      Yes, laser tattoo removal can be adapted for various skin types. Our professionals customize the treatment approach to match your skin type and minimize the risk of complications.

      How long does each tattoo removal session take?

      The duration of each session depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Smaller tattoos may take only a few minutes, while larger or more intricate tattoos may require longer sessions. During your consultation, we can provide a more accurate estimate based on your tattoo.


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      Procedure Time

      15 – 60 mins (depends on the size)


      Depends on the size